Como locutor de vídeo e locutor comercial, Qualidade e Versatilidade são fundamentais para projetos de locução comercial

I'm an Actor, commercial announcer, radio broadcaster, sound designer and passionate about what I do.

The task of giving voice to a project that is someone's dream is a fantastic feeling!

I hope I can help you make your dreams come true.

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Looking for a Professional voice for your project?  I am the one you were looking for!
Institucional videos, Product, e-learning and much more.





Hi, here you find a sample of my most recent jobs in different areas.

Some of those videos were used just for demo purposes, without intention to harm the original  producers and voice overs.


Possibility to be on line directed or present at the agency or studio
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Acoustic booth


- Mic. CAD & AKG
- Pré UA twin finity 710
- Interface Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
- iMac
- Pro Tools 2021  



Do you want a quotation or just clear your doubts?

Send me a message, email or call me. I am at the social media as well!

Thank you!

São José dos Campos , S​ão Paulo - Brazil

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