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Hi I am Eduardo,

After 24 years working in the industry, a time in which I had the opportunity to know several cultures, learn a lot about the corporate environment, but above all, to know people, I decided to work in an area that brings a lot of pleasure to me as well, that is the voice over.

This is an exciting area because I have the opportunity to lend my voice to the success of those who are already established, such as companies, agencies and offices, but also for those who are starting out, such as youtubers, entrepreneurs and filamotropists. Yes, I also started doing my work in an unpretentious and nonprofit way; only by passion you know? And today it has become my main activity to which I dedicate 100% of my time.

After acting for some time as a freelance, which is, in fact, contrary to what many people say, a very cool way to start something, because it is a space for learning both on the technical and administrative side and where you can see its evolution in each job , if you take the matter seriously, of course!! So, I understood that it was time to bet on my brand and create my own website and start the business for real. And if you're reading this testimonial it is because I am succeeding at it.

So, I hope we have the opportunity to work together on your projects. I'm here to make your idea come true.

Working fairly and correctly. We are together to grow.


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